Sep 09

Limerick City & County Council

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Limerick City & County Council  (Comhairle Cathrach agus Contae Luimnigh) is the authority responsible for local government in the City of Limerick and County Limerick in Ireland.

RichardKnows works with the Council on various annual projects such as Riverfest, Limerick Going for Gold and Team Limerick Cleanup.


 Limerick City & County Council were provided with the following services:



  • Ciara Farrell, Limerick City Council

    “Through ILoveLimerick, Richard has branded Limerick as a positive place. It's upbeat messages and interviews have focused on the people of Limerick and reflected the diversity of events in the City. The positive focus and messages shows that good news can sell also. His voluntary mentoring and advice in regards social media has enabled us to profile activities in a different way and engage and network with people who would not otherwise have linked up. We also believe that people are more responsive to messages that are promoted through a range of media and by a range of organisations and ILoveLimerick fufils this role. He helped us formulate our ‘Stop Limerick Dog Litter’ campaign amongst others. The presence of Richard and his team at events has in itself become a positive force – their positive, optimistic attitude and willingness to include everyone and showcase the city has become a social highlight in itself.”

Sep 09

Leanne Moore

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Leanne Moore is the winner of the 2008 series of You're a Star on RTE, an actress, singer, writer, TV presenter and fitness expert.

She has three passions in life - Fitness, Music and Media and has carved out a career incorporating them into her life.

She is a regular face on TV screens as a presenter. 

Leanne recently opened her own gym in Limerick called Go Gym Limerick. 

To find out more about Leanne Moore see her website. Leanne Moore



Leanne was provided with the following services:


  • Publicity & PR
  • Branding
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Website Content
  • Creative Consultation
  • Leanne Moore's Website


Sep 09

Cliona’s Foundation

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Clionas Foundation is a charitable organisation founded in 2007 to fill a great need: providing financial assistance to families in Ireland who have children undergoing long-term medical treatment for critical illness.

Cliona's Foundation believes that no family should have to face any financial stress when they are already struggling to cope with the devestation and trauma of a seriously ill child.


 Cliona's Foundation were provided with the following services:



  • Brendan & Terry Ring, Cliona

    “Clionas Foundation was set up following the death of our daughter, Cliona, from a brain tumour. We hadn’t thought of the Foundation until later when the local communities of Lough Gur, Bruff and Knockainey donated money and supported the making of a CD with music, songs and poetry dedicated to Cliona. That’s how and where it began, in 2007 after 8 years of hospital visits, Doctors and Consultants meetings and endless trips to and overnight stays in hospitals in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Since the Foundation started, it’s raised over €1,000,000 and helped over 150 families who like ourselves were inundated with non medical expenses from accommodation, parking, food and essentials while in hospital and not even counting taking time off work to be with our child. The Foundation supports families with critically ill children with non-medical expenses and until your family is in this situation, you have no idea of the bills presented. The Foundation was first profiled in the media by Richard Lynch of ‘’, an actor, presenter and socialite from Limerick ( who along with Sami Long, Miss United Nations Europe at the time of filming, produced a short documentary on the Foundation. Richard and Sami hightailed it out to rural Lough Gur, 20km from Limerick city where they spent time talking to Brendan and I about Cliona. They spoke to Cliona’s teacher, Carmel in Lough Gur National School and visited Cliona’s grave. Richard and Sami captured the sense of loss we still feel after Cliona’s passing. It was this documentary which made its way onto YouTube that came to the attention of RTE’s Secret Millionaire producers. Limerick was spotlighted for a while last year by the arrival and presence of the Secret Millionaire, Richard Mulcahy (so many Richards!!) but it’s Richard Lynch and crew that we are deeply indebted to, for without his interest in the Foundation in the summer of 2011, it is unlikely we would be where we are today in terms of recognition and awareness. We have a long way to go, but we are on the path to becoming as well known a charity as Jack and Jill or Barnardos. Having spent a week in Limerick filming at the beginning of the summer 2012, Richard Mulcahy Secret Millionaire, returned to Limerick for the Cliona’s Foundation annual social night in Bulgaden held on January 12th , where he was interviewed along with the other organisations spotlighted in the SM programme. The other organisations also profiled on the RTE Documentary have benefitted enormously and they were interviewed by Richard Lynch on the benefit night. Richard Lynch was just brilliant and donned in red trousers, made the night truly memorable for Brendan and I. Thank you Richard and!! You do Limerick proud!!”

Sep 07

JP McManus Benevolent Fund

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The JP McManus Benevolent Fund aims to support local community initiatives and non-profit organisations throughout the Mid-West of Ireland. Valued at €40 million, the Fund is managed as a sole entity, independent of any existing programmes sponsored by Mr McManus. Chaired by Sue Ann Foley, the new entity is operated by a select Committee Group working to enhance the quality of life in local communities with a focus on Community Development, Healthcare Development, Education Development and Local Infrastructural Development.



The JP Mc Manus Benevolent Fund were provided with the following services: