Limerick Podcast Episode 4

​People in Ireland feel positive towards sexual orientation and gender diversity, but underestimate levels of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, new research suggests. The conclusions, taken from research conducted towards the end of 2018, come at the launch of a groundbreaking LGBT+ public education and awareness campaign – ​Call It Out​. Pictured at an event in The University of Limerick to mark the launch of the Call IT Out campaign were, Stephen O'Hare, Teni, Piotr Godzisz, Lambda Warsaw, Ellen Murray, Teni, Richard Lynch, ILove Limerick, Dr. Jennifer Schweppe, HHRG UL and Dr. Amanda Haynes, UL. More than 80% of people who participated in a recent research survey, conducted by the University of Limerick’s Hate and Hostility Research Group, agreed that lesbians and gay men, bisexual people and transgender people should be free to live their own lives as they wish. Respondents also expressed high levels of comfort with having LGBT+ people as neighbours. Picture: Alan Place

I Love Limerick Podcast Episode 2 focuses on local news and events in Limerick. Pictured at the #CALLITOUT Campaign event are, Stephen O’Hare, TENI, Piotr Godzisz, Call It Hate Scientific Leader, Ellen Murray, TENI, Richard Lynch, Founder of, Dr Jennifer Schweppe and Dr Amanda Haynes, Directors of Hate and Hostility Research Group at UL. Picture: Alan Place