The Shannon Bureau promotes the Shannon Region as a location for business and sports tourism and offers an entirely free service to event organisers and local ambassadors to help increase the Clare and Limerick regions share of the lucrative international business and sports tourism market. Hundreds of ambassadors have been actively working with the Bureau in recent years to help attract thousands of people to the region through a range of business and sports events.


In the last 15 years the Shannon Bureau has worked on such events as the European Food Truck Festival, the Pan –Am Reunion, Summit of The Book, the World BBQ Championships and the Japanese Karate World Championships.


Shannon Region Conference & Sports Bureau were provided with the following services:


Sep 20

Good Food Outlet

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A family-owned business, the Good Food Outlet is a Limerick based food production company employing nine people and founded by Pat and Mary Power. After five years of food production, the Good Food Outlet opened its first retail outlet on the Ballysimon Road.


The Good Food outlet makes healthy food accessible to the people of Limerick and provides food for a number of healthy-living goals. They also have the best selection of healthy fresh meals, high-protein foods, supplements and protein products in Limerick.


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Sep 12

Cailyn Ireland

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Produced in L.A., Cailyn Cosmetics was established in 2000 and the brand was introduced to Ireland in 2014 and has gone from strength to strength. They provide a variety of high-quality product lines including mineral based face and body makeup, as well as naturally inspired skin care lines and nail care products.


Cailyn was originally created for the high fashion industry so it is high definition, super long lasting, hard wearing makeup. Mineral based and certified cruelty free, it truly is beauty engineered.


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Sep 09


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BNest, the first dedicated Social Enterprise Incubator Programme in Ireland which caters to all types of organisations from non-profits to community enterprises to businesses with a social conscience. BNest offers a six-month peer programme at no cost to participating organisations and is dedicated to helping businesses that want to make a social impact. BNest offers all sorts of advice, help, and guidance for starting out businesses and nonprofit organisations who want to make a social impact.


Since September 2016, in partnership with Nexus Centre UL, BNest have Been Running this programme in which emerging social enterprises learn how to get their new organisations off to the best start by focusing on key areas related to developing their enterprises, in terms of business, social and personal aspects.


BNest were provided with the following services:


  • Publicity & PR
  • Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Event Host
  • Social Media
  • Website Content
  • Photography
  • BNest Website