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I Love Limerick launches Shop Local Limerick to help Limerick businesses this Christmas

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Shop Local Limerick – Alanna Ryan of BigBouldHead designed the amazing graphic above especially in honour of the I Love Limerick ‘Shop Local Limerick” campaign

I Love Limerick launches Shop Local Limerick to help Limerick businesses this Christmas

By I Love Limerick correspondent Mary Caroline McCarthy

I Love Limerick have launched our own Shop Local Limerick campaign which we will be running on our Instagram leading up to Christmas.

Richard Lynch of I Love Limerick said, “This coming December and after the impending aftermath of our second lockdown and as we prepare ourselves for a Christmas like no other it is important that we stop for a minute and think about helping all the homegrown businesses in Limerick and shop locally so to support these smaller businesses through these difficult times.


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It may seem easier to shop online or to go away for the day to shop but the positive impact that can come from shopping locally is also something that needs to be considered. The feeling that all things are possible near home, or the feeling of living in a community where people work together to grow the community for the benefit of the residents. It is true that some local traders need to adapt to the world better and adopt a bigger online presence, but it is also true that we need to adopt a better offline presence too. Together we are better. Please Shop Local Limerick this Christmas and beyond!”

Earlier this year, in response to the pandemic that is sweeping the nation, Limerick City and County Council and Limerick Chambers established the Limerick. ie/Shop platform which allows the consumers of Limerick to connect with the local suppliers for any of their shopping needs. It is a virtual marketplace that you can browse and buy from homegrown Limerick businesses, buy a local business voucher, or even use it to find out about local neighborhood food deliveries.

This virtual marketplace opens a new experience for Limerick consumers and bridges the gap that Covid has made between customers and shops. A lot of the locally owned businesses are owned by people you know from your own community, so buying from them means you are buying from somebody you trust which makes the experience of shopping much more enjoyable.

It is important to remember that by shopping locally you are supporting other local businesses too as local shops use local services such as accountants, insurance brokers, and suppliers.

Another positive of shopping locally is in a world that is becoming dominated by chain stores, which have been designed to look the same, independent businesses bring much-needed originality and variety into communities. The main street filled with unique, vibrant, and colourful shops will attract much more tourism and attention which will help make the community a more popular and financially healthier area in which to live and work.

Richard commented, “This year you have a lot of responsibility to support the small businesses in Limerick as it is you that will be making the biggest difference on whether they survive as a business. You could be the difference in whether a homegrown bakery survives or sinks after two years. By spending your time and money in local stores, you can change people’s lives. Making a point to Shop Local Limerick and show your support at least once a week throughout the year will change your community.

In Limerick, there is a variety of locally owned businesses that need your support. They can offer you brilliant, unique Christmas presents for the whole family. Limerick has an abundance of creative people that are out there selling the product of their creativeness and could use your support.

Shopping locally this year will make a big difference to the people you are supporting and will mean a lot more to them than the larger corporations.”

Richard added, “We are looking for gift ideas from local family run independent businesses. Please see our Shop Local Limerick highlight on our Instagram. Send in your gift ideas suggestions for local family run businesses through the question box in the highlight and make sure to include the businesses Instagram page. Any suggestions you send in will be shared Saturdays and Sundays on our stories leading up to Christmas.”

“We also want to thank Alanna Ryan of BigBouldHead for designing the amazing graphic she created especially in honour of the I Love Limerick ‘Shop Local Limerick” campaign! We are so grateful to her! Check out her Instagram @BigBouldHead.”

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