Novaks Bakery – Pictured are baker Mario Tryba, Mayor of Limerick City and County Daniel Butler, owner Michal Nowak, baker Przemek Dillr and Richard Lynch, I Love Limerick at Novak’s Bakery in Kilmallock Enterprise Centre. Picture: Krzysztof Luszczki/ilovelimerick.

Look for Local – Shop natural, fresh bread at Novaks Bakery

novaks bakery

Pictured is owner Michal Nowak at Novak’s Bakery. Picture: Krzysztof Luszczki/ilovelimerick.

A new campaign run by I Love Limerick in conjunction with LEO Limerick asks Limerick consumers to look for local when shopping for products, services and experiences across Limerick City and County.

Novaks Bakery in Kilmallock Enterprise Centre is a Polish wholesale bakery supplying shops, cafes and restaurants across Limerick with high quality, natural bread. Michal Nowak and Barbara Snela decided to open the large-scale bakehouse due to the popularity of Michal’s homemade Sourdough loaves.

“I worked as a chef for over twenty years. During that time, I started making sourdough bread at home for myself. I had some stomach problems, and my friend advised me to change my diet. After a couple of weeks, I started feeling a lot better,” Michal tells I Love Limerick.

Eventually opening his own restaurant, Michal began to make sourdough there too. Demand for the baker’s loaves went through the roof, so opening an industrial bakery was the obvious next step.

But what is it that makes Novak’s Bakery sourdough stand out from the rest? The answer is simplicity, a combination of just three ingredients; flour, water and sourdough starter.

“Our natural production of bread is done using longer fermentation periods,” Michael explains.

“Our sourdough has a 24 to 36-hour proving process, so that allows time for bacteria to grow and create special flavours. We don’t use any unnatural provers, we allow time to do the work.”

Novaks Bakery also produces rye flour and multiseed loaves, brioche bread, burger buns, doughnuts and more – all using natural recipes.

Pictured are baker Mario Tryba, owner Michal Nowak and baker Przemek Dillr at Novak’s Bakery. Picture: Krzysztof Luszczki/ilovelimerick.

As well as supplying delicious bread to Limerick businesses, Michal and his team open the Kilmallock Road bakery doors almost every night at 7 pm, so loyal customers can purchase piping hot bread, fresh from the oven. Novak’s Bakery can also be found at the Limerick Milk Market every Saturday.

A Limerick-based entrepreneur, Michal understands the importance of shopping local.

“When you buy food from supermarkets or big shops, the money you spend is not staying in the county where you live. Supporting local can help family, friends and neighbours with their own businesses to keep going,” he explains.

The staff at Novak’s Bakery are grateful for the continuing support of local people and businesses.

“Novak’s has received a lot of support from local producers and shops, they have helped us to expand by recommending us to others. Things like that make Limerick special,” says Michal.

Novak’s Bakery supplies produce to a host of local retailers, such as Rift Coffee, The Urban Co-op and No.1 Pery Square Hotel.

Speaking at the Kilmallock Road business, Mayor of Limerick City and County Daniel Butler says of the Polish bakery, “Novak’s is another amazing local story. Coming from such a simple idea of eating healthier bread, to then scaling up to this amazing facility.

“Get down to Novak’s Bakery and sample some bread in the evening, or pick it up in your local stores and cafes. By supporting local businesses, you are supporting people like Michal as well as suppliers and restaurants. Shop local and support your own local community.”

To buy natural, fresh bread from Novak’s Bakery, visit Unit 4, Kilmallock Road Enterprise Centre from 7pm to 8pm, Sunday to Friday, or pop into the Limerick Milk Market on Saturday mornings.

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Limerick Food Partnership – Pictured at the Limerick Milk Market were Maeve Cosgrave, Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board/Healthy Food Made Easy Tutor, HFME learners Louise Canty, Caz Canty and Karol Ann Canty, Fr Seamus Enright, Co Chair of LFP and Redemptorists, Eileen Hoffler, Redemptorists, Olivia O’Brien, LFP Coordinator, Roisin Ross, Healthy Limerick (back row) with Christine Gurnett, Senior Community Dietitian HSE, Rachael McCarthy, MSC student in Nutrition and Dietetics UL, Clare Davison, MSC student in Nutrition and Dietetics UL (front row). Picture: Richard Lynch/ilovelimerick

Limerick Food Partnership tackles food poverty in Limerick communities

Limerick Food Partnership Olivia O'Brien, LFP Coordinator, Fr Seamus Enright, Co Chair of LFP and Redemptorists, Professor Niamh Hourigan, Vice President of Academic Affairs in Mary I and Co Chair of Limerick Food Partnership and Roisin Ross, Healthy Limerick. Picture: Richard Lynch/ilovelimerick

Olivia O’Brien, LFP Coordinator, Fr Seamus Enright, Co Chair of LFP and Redemptorists, Professor Niamh Hourigan, Vice President of Academic Affairs in Mary I and Co Chair of Limerick Food Partnership and Roisin Ross, Healthy Limerick. Picture: Richard Lynch/ilovelimerick

I Love Limerick have teamed up with Limerick Food Partnership to promote healthy food options in Limerick City and county.

Limerick Food Partnership (LFP), coordinated by PAUL Partnership, consists of a host of voluntary organisations, local community groups and state agencies, who have come together to tackle food poverty by raising awareness and improving access to healthy food options in Limerick communities. Limerick Food Partnership is funded by the Redemptorists and Healthy Ireland via Healthy Limerick and Limerick CYPSC through Limerick City and County Council.

Limerick Redemptorists, Limerick City & County Council, Limerick & Clare Education and Training Board, Limerick Children & Young People Services Committees, Mid-West SIMON Community, HSE Health & Wellbeing and St Vincent de Paul Mid-West are just a few of the organisations involved in tackling Limerick food poverty.

Originally formed over 15 years ago, in 2019 LFP was relaunched following concern from Limerick Redemptorists and several Limerick groups that food poverty was a growing problem in a number of communities.

According to Safefood, the public body responsible for raising awareness of issues relating to food safety and healthy eating, “Food poverty is the inability to access a nutritionally adequate diet. This could be the result of various factors such as cost, education, transport, literacy, or culture. The impact of food poverty is far-reaching, affecting health and social participation. An everyday reality in many Irish homes, studies show that 10% of the population experiences food poverty”.

Redemptorist Fr. Seamus Enright, co-chair of LFP tells I Love Limerick, “The aim of the LFP is very simple; there should be nobody in the city of Limerick who is hungry. Unfortunately, that is not the case”.

“People go to bed hungry at night, and children go to school hungry in the morning. In a city of plenty, this is absolutely scandalous.”

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns saw a severe increase in Limerick food poverty, highlighting the importance of LFP and the work that they do.

“The purpose of the LFP was to bring together a range of organisations involved in dealing with food poverty and look at the points where they were overlapping and where there were gaps in food provision,” explains the partnership co-chair, Professor Niamh Hourigan.

“We also recognised that there was a skills gap emerging amongst those who were receiving food parcels. In some cases, because people were receiving food, they were losing skills around budgeting and cooking. We felt it was very important that we put strategies in place to deal with that skills gap.”

While LFP offers a network and support to its member organisations, it is also involved in the direct provision of education and training programmes, such as the HSE’s evidence-based Healthy Food Made Easy (HFME) programme. HFME is a basic cooking and nutrition programme that aims to help people change to a healthier diet, plan and budget meals, as well as make easy-to-cook meals.

The Partnership is also conscious of the various cultures that shape Limerick City and encourages integration and diversity within programmes. Sustainability is also a key priority for LFP, which aims to reduce unnecessary food waste in communities.

Over the coming weeks, I Love Limerick will highlight the amazing work of LFP, from food parcels and online “fake-away” cookery demonstrations delivered during the pandemic, to the Redemptorist Christmas Hampers Appeal. The programme will also let us in on their plans for 2022, including an increased delivery of the HSE’s Healthy Food Made Easy programme across Limerick city and county.

Mayor of Limerick City and County, Daniel Butler, said in his support for the initiative, “I acknowledge the key role Limerick Food Partnership has in addressing food poverty, and I further acknowledge the ongoing work of the Partnership within communities rolling out the HSE’s Healthy Food Made Easy Programme. Limerick City and County Council, through the Healthy Limerick Programme, will continue to support the Limerick Food Partnership through these very challenging times.”

For more information on the Limerick Food Partnership, go HERE

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Shannon Banks stars Richard Lynch as the titular character Shannon, a 57-year-old Limerick Tidy Towns volunteer with a sharp tongue and a great love for Limerick. Picture: Farhan Saeed/ilovelimerick

Tidy Towns Volunteer Shannon Banks is asking you to ‘Love Limerick, Don’t Litter’

Shannon Banks Shannon pictured with her nemesis Kerry Owen played by Tracy Aspel. Picture: Farhan Saaed/ilovelimerick

Shannon pictured with her nemesis Kerry Owen played by Tracy Aspel. Picture: Farhan Saeed/ilovelimerick

An anti-litter comedy campaign has been launched by I Love Limerick and Richard Lynch. The six-part film series, ‘Shannon Banks’, stars Richard Lynch as titular character Shannon, a 57-year-old Limerick Tidy Towns volunteer with a sharp tongue and a great love for Limerick.

In each episode, Shannon Banks takes her audience to famous Limerick landmarks in an effort to keep them neat and tidy, including King John’s Castle, the Treaty Stone and various Limerick monuments such as Terry Wogan and Richard Harris.

Richard Lynch told I Love Limerick that the idea for the character Shannon Banks came from his own desire to keep the streets of Limerick clean.

“I just don’t understand why people destroy their own city, where we live, eat, play, and work,” said Richard. “I wanted to create an anti-litter campaign that delivers an important message, while also showcasing the best of Limerick and having a bit of fun.”

Each sketch focuses on a different element of litter such as plastic, cigarettes, chewing gum or dog poop. Tidy Towns warrior Shannon shows no mercy when she comes across a litterer at one of her beloved city landmarks, lecturing and lamenting them on their bad habits.

“I hope people find the message of love at the heart of each episode. Even though Shannon Banks is a bossy person, she also has a heart of gold and really loves Limerick,” tells Richard.

Shannon Banks Shannon (centre) with Tidy Towns volunteers Pauline and Mohammad played by actress Brenda Aspel and real life Limerick Tidy Towns hero Mohamed Ferhat. Picture: Farhan Saaed/ilovelimerick

Shannon (centre) with Tidy Towns volunteers Pauline and Mohammad played by actress Brenda Aspel and real life Limerick Tidy Towns hero Mohamed Ferhat. Picture: Farhan Saeed/ilovelimerick

Directed by the talented Myles Breen and written by Richard Lynch and Tracey Aspel, the team aimed to create something smart but funny. The film crew included acclaimed young filmmaker Luke Culhane and makeup artist Jammy Makeup. Kris Luszczki shot beautiful drone footage of the city, showcasing Limerick’s beauty and glory in each episode.

Co-writer Tracy Aspel plays Shannon’s nemesis, Kerry Owen. Director and esteemed actor Myles Breen also stars, alongside upcoming actress Sarah Corbett Lynch. Mohamed Ferhat, a real-life Limerick Tidy Towns hero, portrays one of Shannon Banks’ Tidy Towns allies.

“Writing the series took a couple of months by the time we figured out what we wanted the message to be and how we were going to deliver it,” Richard reflects.

“From there, a lot of people were involved in the filming process. The series was complicated to shoot as it was all outdoors, with people regularly passing the set. It was a challenging shoot, but so worthwhile as we feel we really achieved our goal. I want to thank everyone involved.”

Richard was thrilled when Denis Allen, who co-wrote the Limerick anthem, ‘Limerick You’re a Lady’, allowed the track to feature as the ‘Shannon Banks’ theme song in each episode’s opening titles.

“This song will always hold a special place in my heart and without a doubt is one of Limerick’s most famous and beloved songs,” Richard acknowledges.

While it is a comedy series, ‘Shannon Banks’ also has an important message that should ultimately be remembered – ‘Love Limerick, Don’t Litter’.

“We want those who watch the series to feel pride in their hometown. Shannon’s tagline at the end of each episode is ‘Let’s Keep Limerick a Lady’, and that message is at the heart of what we hope to achieve. We want people to see that littering is not cool, it’s trashy. Let’s not trash Limerick’s future,” declares Richard.

Richard, the ‘Shannon Banks’ crew and I Love Limerick would like to dedicate the comedy series to Helen O’Donnell, Limerick Tidy Towns Chairperson, Limerick litter hero Mohamed Ferhat and all volunteers who work tirelessly to make Limerick a brighter, cleaner and more beautiful place to live for all.

Episodes of ‘Shannon Banks’ will be released on I Love Limerick’s YouTube, Facebook and Instagram TV weekly from Monday, October 25 for six weeks. 

For more information on Limerick Tidy Towns, go HERE

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Passing of Patrick McLoughney – Patrick was one of Ireland’s leading men’s fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Picture: Dermot Culhane.

Limerick fashion king Patrick McLoughney sadly passes away

passing of Patrick McLoughney

Patrick pictured at the Brown Thomas Gifting Bear campaign for the Children’s Grief Centre and St Vincent De Paul Limerick. Picture: Orla Mc Laughlin/ilovelimerick.

Limerick has been rocked by the untimely passing of influencer, model, writer, actor and fashion king Patrick McLoughney.

The Tipperary-born, Limerick-claimed man was best known for his successful writing and blogging career. Patrick’s work has been published in countless newspapers and magazines, from the Limerick Leader to the Irish Independent, covering topics ranging from men’s style to self-care.

A male model, Patrick was well known within the Irish fashion industry, working with clothing giants GANT, Barker, Jack & Jones and Littlewoods. He was named Hi Magazine’s Male Model of the Year in 2017 and Most Stylish Man in 2019. Patrick also won ICHAS ‘Student of the Year’ in 2017.

Patrick was a qualified psychotherapist and took pride in this lesser-known side of his life. He was passionate about promoting positive mental health in Limerick City.

passing of Patrick McLoughney

Patrick worked with many mental health organisations. Pictured at the the launch of the ‘Time to talk’ initiative with Kevin Downes, Meghann Scully, Ursula Mackenzie, Amanda Clifford and Richard Lynch. Picture: Conor Owens/ilovelimerick.

The definition of a doer, Patrick also had a string of acting credits to his name. He appeared in films such as Love Rosie and Penny Dreadful, as well as television staples The Mario Rosenstock Show and Fair City.

Many saddened Limerick locals have taken to social media to pay tribute to Patrick.

Limerick suicide prevention group Community Crisis Response Team, who Patrick worked for as an ambassador, said on Facebook; “We are deeply, deeply saddened at the passing of our much-loved ambassador and friend Patrick McLoughney. Patrick worked tirelessly on many projects with us, all across the country, and cared deeply about suicide prevention. We will miss him dearly.”

“So shocked to hear the sad news about Patrick McLoughney. What a gent he was, a really nice guy in person or connecting on social media. Thinking of his family. RIP Patrick,” added Limerick councillor, Olivia O’Sullivan.

Richard Lynch of I Love Limerick speaks highly of Patrick, sharing memories of their time together.

passing of Patrick McLoughney

Patrick pictured at the Hunt museum for the promotion of the Lavery and Osborne Exhibition with Leanne Moore, Richard Lynch, Sinead O’Brien and Meghann Scully. Picture: Conor Owens/ilovelimerick.

“I was very honoured to call Patrick my friend. He was such a loyal, kind and loving person, always there to support me unconditionally. We worked together on so many projects over the years. I helped Patrick to secure his column in the Limerick Leader, which he wrote for over three years.

“We were steadfast friends and worked on countless mental health projects together. Patrick was always on hand to help any charity he could and was kind hearted and supportive. He was I am filled with sadness at his passing. I’m wishing love to all his family and friends and thinking of them at this very sad time.”

Patrick will repose at his home in Ardcroney, Tipperary on Friday evening, October 15, before being laid to rest on Saturday, October 16, following a funeral mass at Ardnacroney Church, Tipperary.

I Love Limerick would like to express our heartfelt condolences to the McLoughney family and all of Patrick’s friends.

For full details on Patrick’s funeral, go HERE

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John O Donnell, beloved Limerick entertainer pictured above at his 80th birthday in 2015. Picture: David Woodland/ilovelimerick

A tribute to Limerick singsong entertainment legend John O Donnell

John O Donnell

John pictured in the 1980s onstage with Florence at Eric’s on St Patrick’s Day

There is huge sadness following the passing of John O Donnell, beloved Limerick entertainer at the age of 86. Late of Ranks, Tobacco Land, Young Munsters R.F.C. and the Naval Association, John died peacefully, at University Hospital Limerick.

John O Donnell, formerly of Vizes Field, Limerick, provided years of great entertainment to the people of Limerick as the musical MC of ‘Erics’ on St Joseph’s Street for over 40 years.

In these days of so-called ‘super pubs’, night clubs and gig venues, it is easy to forget that in times past one of the only places to listen to music was the local pub. Nowhere was this more true than in Eric Lynch’s pub, a name many of an older generation in Limerick will hold synonymous with good times, great atmosphere and above all, a first rate music scene. People came from all over to experience the music and welcoming atmosphere of this family run pub.

Many Limerick people have wonderful, nostalgic memories of John at Eric’s Pub. Eric’s was famous for its song culture with John at the helm as the MC and Florence Lynch at the piano. John would sing, tell jokes and stories and would call all the customers up to sing their favourite songs. John was a natural on the stage. His greatest gift was that he could just walk in and light up a room as he was such an amazing entertainer. When the pub closed in 1997, Florence and John took their act to the Old Stand pub as the culture of music was such a huge part of their lives and they could not let it go. There they continued the singsong tradition for another number of years.

John O Donnell

John pictured singing in the 1960s at Eric’s with Florence and Eric Lynch

John was a character about Limerick who brought warmth and good energy wherever he went. Many have taken to social media to pay tribute to him, remarking on his fantastic singing voice and his witty sense of humour, crediting him with being an entertainment trailblazer during the singsong heyday of Limerick.

Cam Davern who managed Eric’s Pub for over forty years said, “He had a high spirited personality who could sing at the drop of a hat. He meant so much to people as he brought so much joy and laughter to everyone he met.”

Maeve Lynch, his goddaughter said, “We are losing a really good soul. He is a Limerick legend and will never be replaced. He was an incredible godfather, an incredible person and so much fun. He was great at telling jokes and to this day I still remember the jokes he told and still laugh out loud.”

Richard Lynch of I Love Limerick said, “My Uncle John was one of the greatest people I have ever known and had such a huge impact on my life. He was such an amazing talent and a brilliant role model and helped shape me into the person I am today. He was so kind, non-judgemental, generous and supportive. He was also a fantastic entertainer. I will forever think of him and smile.”

Very deeply regretted by his loving wife Phil, sons Pat and Gary, daughters Linda, Marie and Sinead, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, sisters Chrissie, Bernie and Marie, daughter-in-law Mary, other relatives, friends and neighbours and his many friends.

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John O Donnell

John pictured with his beloved family at this 80th birthday party. Picture: David Woodland/ilovelimerick 

Radar Stores – Pictured are Joe’s wife Sharleen McKinney and son Kai McKinney, employee of 33 years Karen Griffin, Ray’s son Joe McKinney, Mayor of Limerick City and County Daniel Butler, owner Ray McKinney, his daughter Victoria McKinney, her husband Asif Hussain and Richard Lynch, I Love Limerick pictured at Radar Stores on Foxes Bow which has been serving the people of Limerick for an impressive 40 years. Picture: Farhan Saaed/ilovelimerick

Look for Local – Shop hiking, camping and outdoors at Radar Stores

radar stores

Pictured are Joe McKinney and Mayor of Limerick City and County Daniel Butler pictured outside Radar Stores on Foxes Bow. Picture: Farhan Saaed/ilovelimerick

A new campaign run by I Love Limerick in conjunction with LEO Limerick asks Limerick consumers to look for local when shopping for products, services and experiences.

Radar Stores is a hiking, camping and outdoors store on Foxes Bow in Limerick City, which has been serving the people of Limerick for an impressive 40 years.

Originally an army store, the business was opened by Ray McKinney in 1981. His son Joe worked in the shop throughout his childhood and eventually took the reins in 1991.

Since then, Radar stores has ventured into hiking and outdoor gear as demands have changed over the years.

“My dad Ray started the business as an army shop,” owner Joe McKinney tells I Love Limerick.

“That’s what was in demand at the time, army tents and army sleeping bags. As the times changed, we moved more into hiking and backpacking, then again into more modern hiking gear. The shop’s purpose has definitely changed over the years.”

The Limerick staple stocks everything needed to adventure safely and properly, from hiking boots and shoes to rainwear, flasks and sleeping bags.

Joe believes that despite the rise of online shopping, outdoors wear and hiking equipment will always be a face-to-face area of retail.

“In our line of business, people want to see the product, try the product or they want information on the product. Outdoors is still, to some degree, an in-store area of business,” he explains.

For those unable to visit the shop on Foxes Bow, the business also has a website that stocks many items available in-store.

Karen Griffin from Raheen has worked in the store since Joe’s dad Ray was in charge.

“I started with Joe’s dad all those years ago. He was such a fantastic person to work for,” reflects Karen.

“I really enjoy the outdoors, and there’s nothing better than doing something for a living that you get a kick out of. Every day I enjoy myself and meet loads of different people.”

Karen and Joe both agree that Foxes Bow is a special community to be a part of.

“There’s always someone to turn to because we are all family businesses,” Karen acknowledges.

“Everybody is friendly, everyone knows each other, we’re like a little family,” adds Joe.

radar stores

Pictured is employee of 33 years Karen Griffin at Radar Stores. Picture: Farhan Saaed/ilovelimerick

“Foxes bow and Radar Stores are unique in that customers will buy something and then come back in and tell us how they got on with it, or how their weekend was. It’s great.”

The McKinney’s recently welcomed the third generation of Radar Stores with Joe and wife Sharleen’s son Kai.

“I started working here as a child and eventually took over fully. Now the store will be ready for the next generation!” laughs Joe.

Speaking outside the store, Mayor of Limerick City and County Daniel Butler urges shoppers to pop in and have a look.

“Many of us in Limerick would be familiar with Radar Stores. If you’re looking for great outdoors advice and expertise, come to Radar, you’ll be looked after. And most importantly, you’ll be supporting local businesses and local families.”

For all your hiking, camping, and outdoor needs visit Radar Stores at 7 Foxes Bow, Limerick City or shop online HERE

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#LookforLocalLimerick #LookforLocal #ShopLimerick

About Leo Limerick:

Limerick Local Enterprise Office (LEO) is a first stop shop to provide support and services to help start, grow and develop micro and small businesses. LEO Limerick offers a range of support for local businesses including training, trading online vouchers, financial support, mentoring and business advice. Limerick LEO provides a range of services directly to the small and microenterprise sector as well as helping to create a beneficial environment in which the sector can flourish. For more info go HERE

Leo Shine – Leo was a popular member of the LGBTQI community here in Limerick and never missed a Limerick Pride. Picture: ilovelimerick

Tribute to beloved Limerick Legend and Karaoke King Leo Shine

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Tara Byrne

Leo pictured with Richard Lynch at Limerick Pride 2018. Picture: ilovelimerick

There is huge sadness in Limerick following the passing of Leo Shine, beloved entertainer and LGBTI figurehead at the age of 60.

Leo Shine from Hyde Road, provided years of great entertainment to the people of Limerick, ‘The Entertainer’ as Leo was affectionately known was a much-loved character. The beloved son of the late Leo and Peggy will be sadly missed by his loving sisters Mona and Anne, brothers Liam, John, Michael, Gerry and Laurie, sisters-in-law, brother-in-law, nieces, nephews, grandnieces, grandnephews, relatives and his many friends.

Leo was a character about Limerick who brought warmth and good energy wherever he went. Many have taken to social media to pay tribute to him, remarking on his witty sense of humour and crediting him with being a trailblazer for gay people in Limerick.

Leo’s good friend of over 50 years Jim Lawless said, “He was such a phenomenal character. He was a natural on the stage. His greatest gift was that he could just walk into a room and light up the room with his body language and face language and his smile. God, he was a great entertainer. He loved to sing and he loved the Eurovision. He loved telling jokes, he was hilarious. I remember one Easter Sunday, Leo put up a post at one o clock saying, “It’s one o’clock and I can’t believe I have no Easter Eggs yet!” Then by four o clock, there were 26 eggs left outside his house. And Leo, being the generous and kind person he was, brought the eggs down to share with the local community. He loved to spread positivity around”.

“Every Sunday when we were younger, we would meet in the Railway bar across from the railway station from one to two o clock so anyone who wanted to meet their friends they could just drop in and there would be somebody there, and Leo would be there telling all his funny stories. He was also a hairdresser down on Thomas Street and he would tell us really funny stories from there. He could sing like a bird. Leo even made an appearance on the late late show! He was a great friend of Brendan Grace. He played all over Ireland. He’s friends with some of Ireland’s oldest drag queens, they loved him because he was very good to them and a great help when they were starting out,” Jim added.

One Limerick citizen said, “Such sad news today. A true Limerick icon. Leo Shine has passed away. To say we are all heartbroken is an understatement. You will be missed Leo. We will all miss your witty banter and wise crack jokes. You were one in a million”.

Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention said, “You were a huge fan and support mechanism of Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention and for that, we are eternally grateful. All of us here at LTSP are sorry to hear of the passing of Leo Shine. For those who may not know Leo, he was a huge part of our community here in Limerick over the years. He was generous, honest, welcoming and really was ‘The Entertainer’ he was known as”.

Another Limerick citizen reminisces on Leo’s time as a performer in the Desmond Arms saying, “Great memories from Desmond Arms. You were the life and soul of everywhere you went, having us all up singing with you. We would all be shouting at you to play just one more song!”

On the day of his funeral, Limerick Pride wrote, “Today a true Limerick icon will make his final journey through the city, mass at 11am with a special tribute to Leo along Hyde road at 12.15 PM for everyone that can’t attend the mass to come out to show their respects.

“Leo paved the way for many of us here & was Limerick Pride. We will never forget all he has done, not only for the LGBT community here but the wider Limerick community”.

“Mr Showbiz, we are sure you will entertain them all over the rainbow with your jokes, humour, dancing & singing, thank you for everything you have done, all the memories you have given us, you will be greatly missed.”

Mark Hanley from UK said, “Today could not pass without a mention of this guy, Leo Shine. People in the UK won’t have heard of him but in my home town, he is a living legend and always will be! Back in the day, he was out and proud before being out was even a twinkle in the LGBT eye. The 70s and 80s was a very difficult time to be gay in Limerick, never mind Ireland [it was still illegal until the early 90s] but this guy paved the way for so many and is one of the reasons we have a Limerick Pride. A supremely talented singer, totally incorrigible, with a wit that could cut you to ribbons, totally spontaneous. My favourite quote is when someone waltzed past him on the way to the Ladies and he goes, “Love your dress, I used to have one of them when they were in fashion” Haha! There are a thousand and one womens hearts broken across Limerick tonight, FACT!! God rest you Leo, you feckin hero!! x”

Richard Lynch of I Love Limerick expressed his and the team’s sadness at Leo’s passing saying, “I have very fond memories of Leo singing songs at my parents’ pub ‘Erics’ over the years. Leo was one of the first gay people I ever knew in the city during the 70s when I was a young child. He was a beloved entertainer and very famous back in the day for his singing talents. He was also a beloved member of the LGBTQI community in Limerick and was an instantly recognisable face to all Limerick people. He will be sorely missed but never forgotten. The whole team at I Love Limerick send their condolences to his family at this sad time”.

Leo died peacefully at the University Hospital Limerick. The Requiem Mass will take place in St. John’s Cathedral on Thursday, July 15, at 11 am and will be streamed live for anyone who wishes to say goodbye. The funeral will take place afterwards at Shannon Crematorium. The funeral cortege will travel up Hyde Road on route to Shannon Crematorium at 12:15 pm.

The family request that only family flowers are to be given but anyone else who wishes to honour Leo can make a donation if desired to Cancer Research Ireland.

To donate to the Irish Cancer Society go HERE

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Sarah McTernan music video for ‘Heavy On My Heart Day’ – Pictured above are Sarah, Richard and Luke with the crew at The Sailors Home. Picture: Farhan Saeed/ilovelimerick.

Creatives come together for Sarah McTernan music video ‘Heavy on my Heart’ 

The crew hard at work at House Limerick on shoot day 2

The crew hard at work at House Limerick on shoot day 2. Picture: Farhan Saeed/ilovelimerick.

The eye-catching new music video for Sarah McTernan’s new pop anthem of the year ‘Heavy on My Heart’ will be released Friday, June 25. The song was released on Friday, June 18.

The music video for the song took two full long days of shooting. The first day of the video shoot was shot in The Sailors Home on O’Curry Street and the second video was shot in the beautiful House Limerick and the electrical store Trade Electric.  Sarah McTernan music video

The video for Heavy on my Heart was directed by multi-talented young creative Luke Culhane. Sarah is beyond excited about the video and worked with an amazing creative team. Sarah shines in the self-love music video which was produced by Richard Lynch, founder of I Love Limerick, with photography by Farhan Saeed and styled by the talented Chloe Markham, with locks by the innovative Sarah Morgan and make-up by makeup artist supreme Jammy Makeup. The innovative choreography is flawlessly done by Douglas Reddan.

Sarah describing the song said, “Heavy On My Heart is a pop/dance song about the feeling you get when you overcome a negative situation or relationship and find your worth. A reflection on past situations that have not been fruitful but resulted in a ‘rising phoenix’ moment. It’s about overcoming obstacles in love in order to find the love within yourself. A broken heart can create strength and happiness within when you let go of the people weighing you down. It’s an anthem for anybody that has walked away from a negative situation, that is now fulfilling the best version of themselves.”

The inspiration for Sarah came from past relationships where she felt completely weighed down by the wrong person and not realising that she felt that way until after it was over. The song is empowering, reminding those who listen of Sarah’s relief and empowerment she felt when she realised how far she has come.

Speaking about the video, Sarah said, “The video turned out so amazing. I am so happy with it and I am also so grateful to everyone that was involved. It was a group of creatives that came together that just killed it and there was such a good environment to work in. This song means a lot to me and the release made it really special having that experience attached to it. Richard, Luke and everyone that was involved were all so amazing and I am so grateful for the experience and all the fun we had.”

Director Luke Culhane is an expert when it comes to creating content. He is an avid filmmaker and also a music producer so bringing his two loves of music and film together to create music videos is a natural fit.

Luke said, “This Sarah McTernan music video is the first music video I have shot for a dance-pop artist so it was a new experience which I really enjoyed. From the moment I heard the song, I knew how I wanted to shoot it. I loved working with such an amazing group of talented Limerick people and worked with each team member individually on how to bring the concept to life including the styling, the makeup and the hair. The vibe was right and everything came together as I envisioned it. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.  Sarah is so talented and worked so hard for the two days of the shoot. She really did give it her all and I am looking forward to working with Sarah again in the future.”

Producer Richard Lynch of I Love Limerick said, “We worked with an amazing group of Limerick creatives and I loved bringing them all together. The idea for the video stems from showing the darkness and light in the before and after of finishing a relationship with somebody that isn’t right for you. It was so cool to see the concept come together and bring the lyrics to life. We decided to shoot at the Old Sailors Home as this old building represented her broken heart and we also shot the most colourful aspects of the video, which represented her overcoming her heartache, at House Limerick including an epic choreographed scene directed by Luke Culhane, which he timed to perfection. Luke is only 18 years of age and truly is a visionary. He insisted on shooting some scenes at the Trade Electric store on Lower Gerald Griffin Street as he had this crazy idea for a shot using lights and mirrors. To see the finished video, and see everyone’s ideas on screen is mind-blowing. I am so proud of Sarah and Luke and all the crew involved. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the making of the video including Hearit Sound & Lighting, House Limerick, Trade Electric and the Shannon Foynes Port Company for the use of The Sailors Home. It was one of the most fun things I have ever got to produce. I am sending my love to all the amazing crew and I wish Sarah every success”.

Sarah is a 27-year-old singer-songwriter from Scariff, County Clare. Sarah is an only child and has a beautiful daughter Mia aged 8 who also loves to sing. After graduating from secondary school in 2011, Sarah took a pre-nursing course in Ennis, County Clare. Sarah has close ties to Limerick as she then went on to study Music Technology at Limerick Institute of Technology.

Sarah’s career started out with an audition for The Voice of Ireland in 2015 with judges Bressie, Una Healy, Kian Egan and Rachel Stevens, with an exceptional audition of ‘Who you are’ by Jessie J, all four judges turned their chairs and fought it out to be picked as Sarah’s mentor. After an indecisive wait, it was Rachel Stevens who would lead Sarah to the final and finish in third place of the competition. With success and recognition from The Voice, Sarah went on to perform in venues all over Europe and Represented Ireland in Eurovision, before returning to Ireland where she has been writing and recording new material. ‘Heavy On My Heart’ is the third release from Sarah McTernan since her debut this year and hit No.1 on iTunes on the day of release.

Congrats Sarah on all your success. Everyone at I Love Limerick is rooting for you and we cannot wait to see what you do next!

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