Social Media Influencers support Lavery and Osborne: Observing Life exhibition at the Hunt Museum


Social media influencers in Limerick have come together to support the ‘Lavery and Osborne: Observing Life’ exhibition which runs at the Hunt Museum throughout the summer until Monday, September 30, by selecting their favourite piece of art from the collection.

Amongst the social influencers who were involved were Richard Lynch, Celia Holman Lee, Meghann Scully, Patrick McLoughney, Leanne Moore and Sinead O’Brien. The six social influencers split into pairs, with each pair selecting a piece of the Lavery and Osborne collection that they admired the most.

Members of the I Love Limerick team were on location at the Hunt Museum to film short promotional videos of the social media influencers speaking in detail about their favourite pieces of the exhibition and why everyone should make sure to visit the exhibition before it departs the museum on Monday, September 30.

Richard Lynch, founder of I Love Limerick, said, “I really wanted to get involved in supporting the exhibition at the Hunt. The Hunt Museum is the cultural gem of Limerick city and so I want everyone in Limerick to visit and support the exhibition, and more importantly the Hunt Museum.”

The ‘Lavery and Osborne: Observing Life’ exhibition features Irish artists, Sir John Lavery and Walter Frederick Osborne. Both born in the mid-nineteenth century, these renowned artists lived parallel lives as Irish painters who travelled overseas to develop their artistic talent. The exhibition places the two artists side by side for the first time. It is said that they never met, but both were offered knighthoods and both were subject to the same artistic influences including that of James McNeill Whistler.

A total of sixty-two pieces are being exhibited and the majority of them are from private collections travelling from the United Kingdom and the United States, with a few from other Irish galleries including the Crawford Art Gallery, Ulster Museum, and Limerick City Gallery of Art.

social media influencers

Pictured at the Hunt Museum visiting the Lavery and Osborne Exhibition are Naomi O’Nolan, Hunt Museum Head of Exhibitions and Collection, Jill Cousins, CEO Hunt Museum and Celia Holman Lee. Picture: Conor Owens/ilovelimerick.

Richard and Celia previously took part in a photoshoot project called VanGoYourself to promote the ‘Lavery and Osborne: Observing Life’ exhibition. They re-enacted Lavery’s painting, with Starsky, owned by Sinead Hutchison, ‘Stars in Sunlight,’ which depicts Maureen O’Sullivan and Loretta Young relaxing between scenes in Hollywood.

VanGoYourself is a European project which was co-founded by the European Commission to enable and promote the greater re-use by creative industries of cultural heritage resources.

VanGoYourself allows visitors to discover and enjoy art in a whole new way …Visitors to Exhibition can re-enact the painting for themselves. They can become the painting using their own visually creative take on the artist’s work. People visiting the exhibition can recreate an Osborne or Lavery painting, by taking a snap of their version of the painting, uploading it to VanGoYourself, which twins their image with the original artwork for sharing on social media, immortalising their artistic talent for all to see!

Meghann Scully, social media influencer and presenter, said, “This Lavery and Osborne exhibition is amazing and it’s only here until September 30, so whether you are around Limerick city or county, or even further afield, make sure to get here to the Hunt Museum and check it out, as this once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Share your experience at the ‘Lavery and Osborne: Observing life’ exhibition on social media by using the hashtag #vangoyourself and tagging the @huntmuseum.

Tickets for the ‘Lavery and Osborne: Observing life’ exhibition can be purchased here.

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On Wednesday 4th March, the launch of Celia Holman Lee exhibition ‘Celia Holman Lee: Limerick’s Style Icon’ took place in The Hunt Museum. 

Mary Kennedy, from RTE’s Nationwide and Celia’s close friend, was there on the night to help launch the exhibition. In her speech, Mary mentioned ‘Celia is a champion of Limerick and Irish design, and it’s lovely that The Hunt Museum is putting on this exhibition in this, the year of Irish design. She is a great person for supporting the Limerick boutiques. It is a wonderful asset to the city of Limerick.” 

On the night, Celia said ‘I’m overwhelmed, I’m honoured. I’m so proud of Limerick design because 99% of the clothes that are on show are manufactured here in the area of Limerick over the past 30 years that I have been wearing them. There is a story from every single one of them and it makes me think back on many wonderful memories. She joked about her husband complaining about all her clothes in the loft, saying ‘at long last I’ve cleaned out the loft Ger!”

Mary Kennedy, Celia Holman Lee and Richard Lynch at the launch of Celia Holman Lee's exhibition in The Hunt Museum.

Mary Kennedy, Celia Holman Lee and Richard Lynch at the launch of Celia Holman Lee’s exhibition in The Hunt Museum.

Celia Holman Lee is a well known fashion commentator and television presenter along with being a respected model and agent. Both nationally and internationally-recognised, she has been active in the fashion industry for five decades. During this time she has received a myriad of awards and plaudits. She was voted by the public as the winner of the first ever VIP Style Awards in 2002 and has not been off the country’s Best Dressed lists since. Throughout her career she has continually promoted Irish designers, gathering an extensive collection of their work which the Hunt Museum is delighted to showcase in Celia Holman-Lee: Limerick’s Style Icon from March 5th to May 3rd.

Celia began modelling at the age of 15 while she was still at school after being approached while working as a shop assistant in a boutique in Limerick. Her early career as a model saw her featured in magazines, newspapers and fashion brochures and she subsequently started the Holman Lee Agency when she was 22 and it is now the longest established model agency in Ireland.

Over the years she has developed her signature style, appropriately glamorous on the “red carpet” and classically chic in her everyday life. She has always been a great supporter of Irish designers and has generally favoured them for some of the landmark occasions of her life, from choosing a figure hugging cerise dress by Limerick knitwear designer Caroline Mitchell for her only daughter Cecile’s wedding to a bronze sequinned strapless dress from designer John McNamara for her 60th birthday party. Amongst the renowned Irish designers’ clothes hanging in her wardrobe and due to be featured in the upcoming Celia Holman-Lee: Limerick’s Style Icon at the Hunt Museum are a selection from Michelina Stacpoole, Paul Costelloe, Miriam Mone, Patrick Casey, Joanne Hynes, Aideen Bodkin, Marian Murphy Cooney, Vonnie Reynolds, Peter O’Brien and Don O’Neill along with some custom made outfits from local designers Alison Cowpar, Fiona Whyte, Mariam O’Donovan, Linda Wall and Clair Costelloe.

Celia Hunt Exhibition 2

Celia Holman Lee in her early modelling career in the 1970s.

Celia Holman Lee exhibition at Hunt Museum

Celia Holman Lee in her early modelling career in the 1970s.

Celia has also gathered an amazing archive of press clippings from magazines and newspapers spanning the many decades of her career including cover-shots from magazines along with lots of magazine photos features on Celia with many featuring some of the outfits that will feature in the Hunt Museum exhibition Celia Holman-Lee: Limerick’s Style Icon. She also has many photos from her early modelling career in the 1970s and some very interesting original brochures with her modelling for Shannon Airport Duty Free Mail Order and various other companies during that time period.

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